Hi everybody. I know that the end of season 7 is coming very fast so I must write a post about changes in incoming season.

1. From 40% to 20% to 10%

I remember the reaction after announcing in season 6 that every game in first league will cost their managers 40% of income. I’m not in the first league so I was not so angry;) But I sighed with relief when I read changes made in season 7 – that percent was reduced to 20%. And now we have another big suprise – only 10%! Let’s wait to season 9 because it is probably the last season when our players ‘steal’ our money. They have their salaries!!!
In lower leagues the situation wasn’t so dramatic and now teams from second league don’t have to pay anything to their players except their weekly salaries of course.

2. Tournament +10%

Another change is also bringing us some more money. In later rounds of tournament income from these games will increase by 10%. I love it:) So let’s play and earn as much money as we can:) This is a second change which made me very happy. We really need money for new players and cup is a good place to make it without thinking about that minus in front of the balance;)

3. Neutral cup finals

So now in season 8 nobody will tell that their lost their game in the final because they played at competitor’s arena. Depending on how much division country has there will be different number of rounds played at a neutral site. At Polish forum it was a disscusion about it and so now we have this change. But will the teams play in the same country or for example Polish cup final will take place in Ecuador or Nippon? Who knows?

4. BBB is more prestigious

Now you will be able to put your best lineup in BBB games because you won’t have to worry about the minutes of your players. But it isn’t like in the private league, because here we have prizes (of course money:) and that’s why injuries will not show only in one game but also in multiple games. So BBB will get a little bit harder.

I am looking forward to announcing new changes because these which I listed above will make this game much better. Thanks for that.