Hi everybody. In this post I would like to write about economics. There are some ways in which you can get some money in BB (of course I am writing about virtual money:)

1.  You can earn it from matches played at your arena. How much will you earn depends on how expensive your tickets are and how big arena you have. Remember that if the price is too high not many fans will come to see your match. The number of people who want to watch your match depends also on your position in the league and who are you playing against. The more prestigious match it is the more people will come to see the match.

2. Merchandise Revenue – this amount of money depends how good you are, because you get it from selling caps, jersey etc. to your fans. If you are good everybody wears your team’s jersey, if you are week nobody wears your team’s jersey. Very simple:)

3. Television contract – it’s constant amount of money which you are earning every week – it’s 35 000 $. Despite playing matches in television few times in a season television pays you every week.

4. Trade list – it’s the best place to get some extra money. Of course you cannot cheat. If you are sealing too many players fees will increase and more money will go to the government;) and less will go to your pocket. So don’t sell as many players as you can in a short time because it should be a long time strategy. In this case we also can notice something called ‘day trading’. It’s when you buy a player and you are selling it the same day. Remember that fees will increase very fast if you do such thing.

5. Playoffs – you can earn money even if you are playing at your competitor’s arena. You will get 33% of money from the match.

6. Winning the league (doesn’t include winning 1st league) will also give some extra money.

* Promotion into DIV I: $ 1 000 000
* Promotion into DIV II: $ 500 000
* Promotion into DIV III: $ 300 000
* Promotion into DIV IV: $ 200 000
* Promotion into DIV V: $ 150 000
* Promotion into any lower division: $ 150 000

7. Tournament – it’s great place to earn extra money. Your income in this case is increased with sums which amount depends on which round of tournament it is. The prize scale for winning a round is:

* Final Game: $ 300 000
* Semi-Final: $ 125 000
* Quarter-Final: $ 90 000
* 16-team round: $ 70 000
* 32-team round: $ 60 000
* 64-team round: $ 50 000
* 128-team round: $ 40 000
* 256-team round: $ 35 000
* 512-team round: $ 30 000
* All lower rounds: $ 30 000

Next season (season 8) these prizes are going to be changed. You can read more about it in post about incoming changes in season 8.

8. BBB – and of course playing in BuzzerBeater’s Best. BBB is a tournament only for the best teams in each country (the winner of the cup in the country and the winner of the first league). Prize scale:

* Final Game: $ 1 000 000
* Semi-Final: $ 150 000
* Quarter-Final: $ 100 000
* 16-team round: $ 85 000
* 32-team round: $ 70 000
* 64-team round: $ 60 000
* 128-team round: $ 50 000
* 256-team round: $ 40 000

So I made only list of 8 ways to get money in BB. But if you have any ideas how to get more money in other ways please leave a comment. Thank you. Of course the more detailed information can be found in rules of Buzzerbeater page where I found all these goodies:]