Under this post write your comment like this:

the name of your team; your manager’s name(yourUsername:); your league; your country

for example: LimeFactory, Avirto, III, Poland

First five persons who will comment under this post like I showed above will get free logo and banner.

First team under this post will get their logo and banner on 05.03.2009
Zastal Zielona Góra, Scottie33, II.4, Poland

2nd team – 08.03.2009
New York Yankees, Wang, PLK, Poland

3rd team – 12.03.2009
AC_Milan, vinnie_jones, PLK, Poland

4th team – 15.03.2009
Burntisland Fire, Calum, II.1, USA

5th team – 19.03.2009
King Drive Ballers, brianjames, NBBA, USA

The 6th person who will leave the comment must wait for the another edition of Buzerbeater Free Logo and Banner. I don’t like to plan for longer than half of the month:) So after 19th March I will strike again on Buzzerbeater’s Forum and new users will get their free logo and banner. If you would like to check out my previous works go to BB LOGOS and BB BANNERS.

Good luck:)