I want to tell you about the usage of RSS. The powerful tool which can help you save a lot of time while surfing on the internet.

You probably have a lot of sites, which you visit everyday. Some of them probably have a RSS icon. That means that you can get to their new information by RSS. There are special programs called readers which can handle information from RSS. Here are three of such programs:



I don’t use any program. I simply have an Gmail account and there is a reader installed. Thanks to RSS you don’t have to go to hundreds sites which you love only to check that there isn’t anything new on them. Make reader do that for you.

Every time there is a new information on a specific site you will get that information send to your reader. You don’t have to visit that site and you can save your time.

So feel free to subscribe to my blog. Every time I will make a logo or banner you will get that information to your reader.

You can always watch this film –

RSS in plain English

– It will help in understanding the RSS:]