I had to close this contest earlier but I promise that I make another one at the end of this week:] With a little change in the rules so stay tuned, read posts, watch graphics, be creative and I wish you good luck:] Oh so many things to do;)

And this is the first contest like this.

Write a comment under this post and tell me who is the guy on the picture – the first person who writes a comment with correct answer will get a logo and a banner.

The comments to this post will be shown on Sunday morning in Poland – about 11 in my country. So all of you will get the information about it at the end of the week. So write your answers and be the fastest.

This player is playing in the country which borders with Poland. I hope it isn’t too difficult and you will find him very fast. Search only in the  first, second or third league in each country. Write his name, surname and the team where this player is playing. Cheers and good luck.


Remember only the first person gets free logo and banner. The most important is the hour and date of the post.