Some of you asked me about an effect of the 3D in my logos. In this post I want to show you a short tutorial how to do it in few seconds.

1. First of all open the document – I am always working in 250 x 250 px. It is two times bigger than normal logo but I can take a closer look at the details. I resize the image only when I am exporting it to jpg.

2. I will show you everything on a simple background:

tutorial01a3. Remember to make everything on separate layers!!!


4.  Mouse click holding Cmd (Ctrl on Windows) on the layer with our green round background (on the thumbnail) – and we have a selection of the layer. Round selection in my case.

5. Make a new layer above all the layers. It’s on the left of the bin and on the right of the folder icon. You can see it in the picture above. When you do it press Backspace and Shift – and make fill with 50% gray.


6. This should look like this:


7. Double click on the layer with the gray fill and we have layer style. Now change the value of fill opacity like in the picture. FILL OPACITY GOES TO ZERO!!!:


8. Now check Bevel and Emboss and click on that to see options of this amazing tool. Here you can do a lot of things which you can change just as you like. The most important is the size – make it big and often you have to change the opacity of white and black colors at the bottom.


9. And it is ready. Remember it must be above all the other layers to make the effect look really nice.


If you have any questions, just ask:]