Today I want to show you how to make nice 3D effect in couple of steps. First part of tutorial is here and it will help you change something from this:


into something like this:


But we have to go a little bit further with our work so I will try to explain you how to do it.

1. We are starting with the second picture. You layers should look like this:


2. Press holding cmd (or Ctrl on Windows) the thumbnail of gray circle. You will load the round selection over the content of this layer.

3. Add a new layer above it – press the little icon next to the wastebin at the bottom of layer panel.

4.Select the Paint Bucket Tool

04four-copy5. Fill the selection at the new layer with white. It should look like this:


6. Change the opacity of this layer with white circle to 20% and then press the Layer Mask option at the bottom of this box. It looks like a gray square with white circle in it (3rd from the left). You should get something like this:


7. Click on the thumbnail of the mask – you will see the little black thin boarder around it like above. (It is just for selecting this mask, because you will now work on it.)

8. Select the Pen Tool:


At the top these must be selected :


(this is made in five steps, at the beginning it can be hard to use pen tool but it is a great tool, believe me)

First click on the left at the bottom:

02two1Second click (when you have your mouse button down try to move it to change the curve):

07sevenThird click outside and a move to make a nice curve:

08eightFourth click outside the circle (line should stay away from our circle):


and fifth click (it is closing the loop – you will see the pen with a little circle when you will click in the place of the first click:):

10ten9. Go to Window->Paths -and click on this work path, you will get something like this:

11eleven10. Change the path into the selection – (It’s at the bottom of this picture above) – it is the third from the left – the circle with little gaps.

11. Invert the selection – Select->Inverse

12. Go to layers panel and click on the mask to have that black borders around it!

13. Take a Paint Bucket Tool and fill it with black so you should get something like this:

12twelve114. And that could be it but I always like to go a little bit further:]

15 Select the Gradient Tool, it is under Paint Bucket Tool:

obrazek-4-copy16. At the top select the gradient to look like this (black to transparent):

obrazek-5-copy17. With your mask selected press at the bottom of the page and move your cursor for about the half of the logo (hold shift to get nice line gradient on your mask). You will get something like this:


18. And we have a beautiful logo with nice 3D effect:]

14fourteenYou can do the same things with the banners! I hope you liked it and you will put it into your work. If you have any questions just leave a comment or contact me.