Hi everyone,

Beautiful Friday and I though it would be great to give you some free vectors which can help you being more creative. I found them on The Vector Lab.

You have to register and you can easily download them for free (I love this kind of stuff:). Or you can just go to the bottom of my page and they are waiting for you there:] (I had to delete them because the flash applications which was made to share files was causing some problems with my site)

First package contains six vector shields. I think I will try to use these shapes in my next logos – because I almost always do round logos it would be great experiment to start doing something new:] So this is the first package.


The second package contains 9 beautiful wreath designs. Now your logos will get a nice decoration.


And the last package contains 4 vector crowns. So you can now add this to your logo and show everyone in your league who is the king:]


I hope you take them and put them into your designs and I want to thank The Vector Lab for making these great vectors for free.

I am looking forward to watching some of your works with these vectors.

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