Colors are very important. Every day we have to handle with dozens of colors. We have to be very careful while choosing the correct color.

In this post I want to show you what some of the colors mean and what feelings they invoke while watching them. Remember these are only basic information.

From this time look at different logos of companies around the world and you will probably understand why they are using specific color.


Yellow is very active and visible color. It is connected with happiness and energy. It is most attention color and that’s why it is used for caution signs.

Remember a very important thing – too much yellow isn’t good. This is the most fatiguing color to the eyes. For example some of the restaurants paint their walls yellow, and why? Because no one can stay for too long in yellow room and after some time we have free table for new customers. Take a look at some of restaurants you visit, maybe they follow this restaurant color psychology.

Orange – active and energetic color. This color represents happiness and is a symbol of sunshine, enthusiasm and creativity. Orange is also good in food promotion because it stimulates metabolism and appetite.

Red is a very exciting and dramatic color. It stimulates adrenaline, blood pressure and human metabolism. This is also the color of love and warmth.

It is very eye catching color and if you want to draw some attention to something, just make it red. But once again remember that if this color is overused it can really fast become irritating.

Green is the color of nature. Freshness, hope and growth are the words that can also describe this color. Do you remember Matrix? The green color on the black background is giving us a technological feel. But the most important thing is that green can really help you relax. Spending time in a green room can make you really calm.

Blue symbolizes openness, intelligence, faith and serenity. This color reduces appetite and relaxes people. This color gives also sense of stability and clarity of purpose. When you want to show something connected with water, sky or air this is the best color to choose. People are more productive in blue rooms.

Blue is also the color of bad luck and trouble and if it is overused it can be depressing. Don’t use it when you want to promote food. There isn’t many food which is blue, is it?

Purple – royalty and power. This color represents wealth and extravagance. It is a mixture of red’s strength and blue’s calmness.

White is the cleanest color of all. This is innocence, purity, perfection and light. This is also the color of neutrality – white flag.

It also connected with such words as cold, bland and sterile. Too much white, for example can make rooms empty and unfriendly.

Black is the color of elegance and strength. This color reflects authority and power.

But it can be also connected with evil and menace.

This post will be updated as soon as I get more information so stay tuned and check it from time to time.