Today I want to tell you about a little black device, which is on my desk next to my computer and it kicked out my computer’s mouse. This black little thing with four blue buttons and a pen. This is my tablet:]

At the beginning of my computer designing I used a mouse. Try to use the Pen tool with a mouse, after some time you can do it quite good but why you shouldn’t go a little bit further. Not only be good but also be better!

The worst thing, while using a mouse, is lack of ability to make a good sketch, of course you can sketch with a pencil on the piece of paper. I think that this is very important but why you shouldn’t have the ability to sketch on the screen holding a pen. It is always better to have two abilities!


I’ve had my tablet for a year and it is one the best things which I could buy cheap and made me work faster and design better! My tablet cost me about 75$ last year and I love it. So this device is not only for professional graphic design companies but also for you – to be on your desks at your home. I know that there are a lot of different types of tablets. Some of them are cheaper and many of them have more functions and buttons but for the time being I am working on Wacom’s Bamboo tablet and I think it is great.

So next time when you will have some problems with logo designing and it will be caused by the difficulty of using a mouse – try to remember this article and start thinking about changing it to the tablet! For me it was the moment when I started working faster and designing better, maybe you should also try it. Have a nice day or good night:]