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So the winner of last edition of Who is this guy is the manager of Stunners Mizik. Congratulations!

We were looking for Julio Pacheco from Reykjavik Raptors.

@Mizik please send me by BB-mail all the information which you would like to have in your logo and banner. Your logo and banner will be made in about 2 weeks.

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In this post I would like to ask you about your future plans? Every year on 1st January everyone probably makes a list of things he will do in New Year (don’t eat chocalate, play football like Messi, stop cursing etc.;)

The season in Buzzerbeater takes about 3 months. I think this is good idea to make a list of things which you would like to do in upcoming 3 months. You can rewrite the list after 3 months;) When you make a list of things to do only once per year it is easy to forget about these plans. If we will make these lists every 3 months maybe we will achieve our goals.

Write a comment? What are you going to do in upcoming 3 months? What would you like to achieve? Where would you like to go?

In Poland is cold spring now but I hope that in couple of days the real Polish summer will come. Why am I writing that? Because it is connected with one thing I would like to do in season 9. I would like to…

1. …write more than 3 times a week at my blog

2. …add about 100 sport logos at

3. …cycle 500 km.

This is only a short list for the beginning and I hope I would be able to write in few weeks that I’ve done it. And in season 10 I will make a new list:] What do you think about this idea? Maybe some of us will write after 3 months – it really works!

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Hello everyone,

The winner will be announced on 25th June.

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