In this post I would like to take a look at an issue of team colors. What is their meaning? Do they have history and how we can create it?

I know that in Buzzerbeater there is a Hall of Fame and you can make a gallery of the greatest players from one’s team. Now I would like to start something similar with our team colors.

Why team colors are so important? Because they represent the team! You support your team when you wear you team’s colors. For example in the real life The Bhoys- Celtic Glasgow has white and green t-shirts, Lech Poznańwhite and blue scarves, etc.

Like the jets in the sky:] Our players and fans should have team’s color!

You know that you are selling something to your fans, you know that these are jerseys, caps, basketballs, etc. But what are your team’s colors? What color is your jersey? One of the most important thing is permanence of that colors. And the best way to remember them is giving them a real name. Here is the tool where you can find your teams colors. There are 4,096 web safe colors. Choose your team colors and send them to me – remember that normal;) team has 2-4 team colors. You shouldn’t have more colors on your team’s jersey. You want to be elegant:]


If you entered the page, you can visit How to use button in the right top corner of the site. Please send me only formats like: #000000, #FFFF00, etc. If you don’t know what are your team colors. Show me your logo and banner and I will help you find them. Just leave a comment with your team’s name and if you know what your team’s color are please also write them in the comment.

I would like to show you some colors of some Buzzerbeater teams. I hope that managers of these teams can write a comment about names of their sport team colors. For example: #000000 is white color and can be called Pure Basketball White, #FFFFFF is black and it can be called Noble Attack Black😉 Use your imagination and try to find the coolest names of your team colors.

Here is an example of my archives (for the time being very small;):

>> #FF0000 (red), #FFFF00 (yellow), #FFFFFF (white) – BC Törööö,

>> #0000BB (blue), #FF0011 (red), #FFFFFF (white) – Reykjavik Raptors,

>> #BB77BB (violet), #224400 (the darkest green)#AAFF44 (green), #ccff88 (the lightest green) – LimeFactory.

When I will have some more teams in the list I will make images with colors of each Buzzerbeater team.

I hope you show us what your team colors are. Take a look at the post about Color psychology and try to imagine your fans:] What color caps their wear? Tell us:]

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