In this post I want to show you a list of ten teams from Buzzerbeater, which have the biggest arenas. This idea was started by -jeremy- (Thank you for that list).

We know that this is the last season, when we can build big arenas without any problems. In season 10 there are going to be some changes in this matter.

“…because high quality television programming will be available for fans, it will become harder and harder to sell out extremely large arenas, beginning at the start of Season 10. Nobody wants to watch a basketball game in a giant football stadium when they could be enjoying the game in HD at home. When these changes take effect, teams will be allowed to downsize their arenas if they wish and sell the materials they used in construction for the price they paid to construct them.”

Posted by:BB-Mark 6/2/2009 7:58:50 AM


Because the game is developing and it will never stop I think this is the best moment to show you top biggest arenas in BB. Maybe in Season 10 we won’t be able to see such capacities.

1. Wahlstreet Arena (26226) – 48700 – Germany
2. Hambourg Bulls Center (26161) – 46375 – Germany
3. ESV Laim Center (26163) – 40500 – Germany
4. BC Törööö Center (24823) – 37422 – Canada
5. St@rbucks Koffee (59278) – 35500 (100) – Thailand
6. Stallions Center(26160) – 33140 – Germany
7. Ostseehalle (26224) – 31600 – Germany
8. Ice Dome (41373) – 30840 – Norway
9. Ruckerpark (26193) – 30400 – Germany
10. bakutaka (41287) – 30000 – Nigeria

I also made a similar list for Polish teams. And after my post many managers have started to build bigger arenas (me too:). My arena isn’t as big as these teams at the list but I think it is big for a III league – 17000 seats.

What about your arenas? Do you like big arenas or you prefer smaller arenas? Why?

Do you like changes planned for season 10? I encourage you to leave a comment.

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