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I am back online and I will start to make Buzzerbeater logos of NT as soon as it will be possible.




For sometime I will be doing only logos and banners for National Team so you can still see my works, maybe in your country 🙂

Cheers and all the best


Hi everyone,

I have a lot of work now. I am still making banners and logos for teams of BB. Maybe this blog will die out because of lack of interest of people and my free time 😦 Good luck everyone in season 10.

I have a lot of work fot the time being I will try to make another contest but I don’t know when. Good luck in BB and I hope I will organize my work fast and get back to Who is this guy contest.

And I want to announce that this is my 101st post at this blog. I hope I will make 101 more posts next six months.

contestAnother week and another contest: Who is this guy?


Quick tip: Hot European country. Salary over 50K and he is a Star.

If you know the answer just fill in the contact form below. Write:

1. the answer,

2. your username,

3. the name of your team

till 16th July! The winner will get a logo and a banner made by Lime Factory – Sweet Logo Production Blog. Have a nice day.


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